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【TDS-BI01】 倉敷天領デニム×ブルーインパルス TENRYO DENIM×BLUE IMPULSE 10ozデニム オリジナルワークシャツ 「スタークロス STAR CROSS」

青と白にカラーリングされた6機が大空で魅せる一糸乱れぬパフォーマンスは、いつの時代も多くの人に夢と感動を与えてきた。そんなブルーインパルスが、スタイリッシュ& ハイクオリティなデニムシャツとなって登場。
「スタークロス」は上昇した5 機がブレイク後、スプリットS機動から会場に進入しスモークで大きな星を描く雄大な演技。見上げたイメージを背中にレーザープリント。正面の右胸には部隊マークの刺繍がついてくる。

Blue Impulse is the aerobatic demonstration team of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF).
The incredible performance of the six aircraft colored blue and white in the sky has always given dreams and excitement to many people.
Blue Impulse appeared as a stylish & high quality denim shirt.
A model designed "Star Cross"  on the back which is popular as an impressive performance among the many acrobatic flights of Blue Impulse.
"Star Cross" is a magnificent performance in which five rising aircraft draw large stars in smoke. 
Shape when looking up from the ground is printed by laser. 
A embroidery of a unit mark is attached to the front right chest.
Of course, quality is very high. It is used 10oz durable fabric. Lapped seam of the main part and cat eyes button are vintage workshirt detail. It appears cool aging, so it is a denim shirt that you can enjoy even if you are not a fan of Blue Impulse.



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