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【TDP305S-BI01】 倉敷天領デニム×ブルーインパルス TENRYO DENIM×BLUE IMPULSE オリジナル右綾13ozセルビッチデニム スタンダードストレートジーンズ


Following the first denim shirt, jeans designed with blue impulse finally appeared.The representative display flight "Delta Loop" was boldly designed to the back right knee by laser processing.
Six Delta formations make a big loop in the blue sky, and the dynamic trajectory of smoke is also on jeans' face.
There is a lot of detail to anticipating vintage-like aging, such as 13oz right hand weave selvedge denim, laurel donut buttons and hidden rivets.
The silhouette is an orthodox tapered straight with a slightly deeper rise and a cool look that is naturally squeezed toward the hem while allowing room for the thighs. The special bright blue and white color scheme makes jeans more refreshing.




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